1/24/2018 7:21 AM


Product & send payment methods
Send method
Send to Mashhad & vicinity carried out by company .
Send to other cities carried out by freight.
Shipping cost due to distance , weight & dimensions of the product will be counted & the buyer is responsible.
Payment method
1. Payment in cash or card reader ( mobile ) that this possibility is provided for Mashhadi customers.
2. Deposit account : you can deposit photos the factor to SADERAT account number 0103005244002 or MELLI account number 016096233000 ( in the name of MR ALIASGHAR MOHHAMADZADEH ) & until receipt the order keep himselfdeposit receipt no.
3. Card to card : you can within 48 hours deposit photos factor payment to card number of SADERAT bank 6037694032217345 or card number of MELLI bank 6037991897976506 ( MR ALIASGHAR MOHHAMAD ZADEH ) & keep your himself the issue tracking.