1/24/2018 7:20 AM

About shop

THE INDUSTRIAL GROUP OF Arka fireproof ( management , Aliasghar Mohammadzadeh ) , With a history of over two decades activity , in the filed of every types of fireproofs , safety doors , anti-theft system is the oldest and most experienced produsers that placed a combination of technical expertise ago & modern technology in world , on its.
The change brand ; Mohammadzadeh ; to ; Arka ; in late 1389 is the including acting Directs of collection , in the event of more effective & more ergulare presence in national & international arena & also, in addition to continuous presence at international different exhibitions , presence at regional & transe-regional festivals & exhibitions are programs of this collection to the globalization Iranian brand .
It is hoped that in light of the elegence vast allah ,honestly efforts of industrialists of this country , observer the name of Iran & Iranian at the top of the global honors.
Some activities & achievements of the industrisl group of Arka fireproof at a glance :
Production safe sober for the first time in Iran ( Aiert notification system for product owner with short massage system )
Modern services for theft & fire insurance for the first time
Catch the quality management certification ISO 9001 , 2000 of the intenational institute (MOODY England )

Catch the total quality management (QS )
Catch the ststues unit of the first festival of quality & lasting services in 1390
Taking advantage of modern technology in production & packaging
Equip the first virtual shop
Launched a short massaging system with customers
Treasure of the first international exhibition of gold & jewelry industries & technologies 2012 Tehran
Presence at the top of the international 7 export to the neighboring countries & middle Asia